Friday, 12 August 2011

Duckworth Lewis - don't you just hate those guys?

So, anyone like the idea of deciding a T20 match by sliderule?

How the hell did they make Ireland score more runs than Pakistan in the same amount of overs? It is a farce.

And I would like to ask why there is no reserve day for the ICC CT final? Surely the organisers know how many days it rains in Birmingham every year?????

Football season

Anyone out there fed up with the football season even before it has started?
Anybody out there fed up with silly money being spent by silly clubs on silly players whose name you can't even pronounce?

Well, that is another season almost over. The usual antics from Luis Suarez and the usual disgraceful behaviour by club owners.

Who could fail to laugh at Venkys????? Or at Abu Dhabi City? The Mancini Playbook. Losing a must-win game? Not long to go? Take off your best striker and bring on Gareth Barry:)
Gus Poyet touting himself for a new job with a bigger club. No loyalty from owners, no loyalty from managers and in the case of Abu Dhabi City or Chelsea no loyalty from the fans!!!

Wimbledon managed to stay up at the death much to the chagrin of Edgar Fucking Davids at Barnet.

Moyes at Manure? Change nothing mate until it all falls apart. Oh, and get rid of that fat slob Rooney. Replace him with Benteke and then leave him in the reserves.

We say goodbye to Jamie Carragher, Everton til he dies. Sadly missed.
Goodbye and good riddance to Paul Scholes. Won't be missed at all. Worst tackler in history.
Sir Taggart? Too much has been said about the whisky-nosed old git already.

So 6 million people in Malysia have been arrested for match fixing. Apparently most were Man Utd supporters betting on Man U scoring in the 98th minute.

Already trending are:- #moyesout and #mourinhoout