Sunday, 23 June 2013


First went to Bruges in 1996. I got out my old photos to compare and obviously nobody is allowed to mess with Bruges. It is a UNESCO museum city. But what I did notice from the old snaps is that in August 1996 we had Bruges to ourselves!!! Now there are bus loads of Japanese, American, Chinese, Russian, French and German tourists and to be honest I am not happy. I want to be the only tourist enjoying these places:)


Ghent is extremely under-rated. Everyone bangs on about Bruges but in my humble opinion, Ghent is better. Anyway, take a look and judge for yourself.

This surely is a crime against humanity. How did they get permission to build this in the middle of a world heritage site??

                                            Latrine sign in 4 languages!!!! What a joke.

Obviously people living next to the canals are not too pleased with the growth in tourism.