Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beautiful Uganda

Uganda is the most spectacularly beautiful country in Africa. It has mountains and lakes and several National Parks where you can view Big Game at a very moderate price and without the heavy policing you find in the Kenyan Parks. There is also the historical Source of the Nile at Jinja where Speke first saw the Nile flowing out from Lake Victoria 150 years ago.

Of course if you want you can stand astride the Equator.

Parts of the Western region resemble Scotland but without the deep fried mars bars or heroine.

The road system in Uganda is appalling and a 4x4 is essential if you want to travel off the main roads.

Democratic Republic of the Congo in the distance

People are encouraged to use proper toilets wherever possible.

A luxury hotel on Lake Victoria

A more budget type hotel somewhere oop north

Ugandans are not big on geography. Luckily a Burmese tourist managed to take the country back from the Pakistani imperialists.

Top Gear must remember that I did it first.

Uhuru Falls

Murchison Falls

Relaxing at one of the many beach resorts on Lake Victoria around Entebbe

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