Friday, 17 May 2013

Sai ssssss saigon

I mean who calls it Ho Chi Minh City????

I can't believe this city was ever communist. The first time I went there I was talking to some woman and I asked her if she was a Buddhist, knowing that communism tried to eradicate religion. She said the Vietnamese used to be Buddhist then they became communist but now they are free to make money!!!

The founding father of Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Railway Station, probably built by the French during their fascist colonial reign of terror

Most people would like to forget the horror of war but the Vietnamese will never let anyone forget with their incessant anti-American propaganda. Strange really when the currency on the street is US Dollars and everyone wears american brand clothes and listens to american rubbish music.

The Catholic Cathedral. I saw people going in there. Not Frenchies either.

Strangely reminiscent of the Sofitel Hotel in Warsaw. I once stayed in the Sofitel and did a review on Trip Advisor where I mentioned the similarity {not just external} and it met with a firm rebuttal from the Sofitel management who have promised to confine me to my room on half rations if I ever stay there again. Anyway, this building in Saigon is NOT a Sofitel Hotel.

Highland Coffee chain store much nicer than Shitbucks or Costa Fortune.

Relics of the war pop up in the most unexpected places. An F-5 in a public park.

They don't have public car parks in Vietnam. But they do have public bicycle parks.

The Americans were obviously evil.

If your motorbike breaks down you can get it repaired on virtually any street corner.

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