Wednesday, 22 May 2013



Pudong taken from the Bund. When I first went there in 1994 the only building on the Pudong side was the Pearl Oriental Tower. Now look at it. Also in 1994 you could stroll along the Bund but now you have to fight your way through crowds.

Who in their right mind would go shopping in Nanjing Road? Well I did and lived to regret it. Possibly the worst shopping experience anywhere in the world. There are a million people blocking the street and then each shop is completely crowded.

Nice place for a white wedding.

Yuyuan Gardens might have been nice before they built the tourist shops and completely ruined it. Oh and having to fight through million plus crowds to get anywhere.

Once in the tranquility of the garden itself you can at last relax and put the nightmare struggle of crowds pushing and shoving you behind you.

There was no room for the alien spaceship to land so it perched on top of the Radisson Hotel in People's Square. So named because it belongs to the Party and is filled with people.

Hengshan Road in the old French area

Presumably you have to be an expert rock climber to gain access to your apartment?

Lujiazui Financial District

Air quality is a major issue. Even on a clear day you can only see a few hundred metres. A shame really and a waste of money going up the Pearl Oriental TV Tower.

I had quite a job convincing my wife that these were wax works in a museum.

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