Thursday, 16 May 2013

Da Nang and Hué

Da Nang and Hué

Da Nang is not as communist as Hanoi and not as capitalist as Saigon. It is truly in the middle of Vietnam.
I flew in from Hanoi and had not booked a hotel. I had expected there to be a hotel booking agency at the airport. Unfortunately the airport arrivals hall was like a bus station and I was left to take a taxi. The driver very kindly took me to the city centre and asked me how many stars. Being on a limited budget I said 3 stars please. I went in and they asked me if I wanted River View or Mountain View. I said Mountain View knowing it would be cheaper. They said, ok on 4th floor that is $15 please. I said I changed my mind and upgraded to a River View Suite with air conditioning for $20.

The beach was beautiful and almost deserted. There was another european there who just watched the men hauling in there nets and then just joined in.

Some fishermen spent about an hour trying to decide whether to launch their boat or not.

Strange clouds started to form over the hill to the north and the men had a big shouting match and then brought the boat back onto the beach again!

Tombs of the Cham Kingdom near Hué

The Imperial City of Hué was totally destroyed by the Americans during the 1968 Tet Offensive. They were ordered to re-take the city at any cost and they meant any cost. So they destroyed a world heritage site.

Along the Perfume River

The scenery on the coast road between Hué and Da Nang is spectacular

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